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In Memory of

Erin Christopher


Erin’s presence will be missed by her neighbors in Kessler Plaza, where she served as treasurer and secretary of the neighborhood association.

Kessler Plaza - Ravinia Heights Neighborhood Association is commissioning a mural by Oak Cliff native Chris Bingham for our 2018/2019 neighborhood beautification project. 

The mural will be located at the busy intersection of Jefferson and Hampton by Mercy Family Clinic/ Metro Spine. Below is a rendering of Chris' proposed mural as well as a photograph of the wall as it is today. Other murals done by Chris can be seen here.


We greatly look forward to adding beautiful artwork that represents the Oak Cliff Erin knew and loved! Donations toward the mural can be made in memory of Erin below.

KPRH Mural Project.JPG
Jefferson-hampton wall.jpg
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