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Kessler Plaza and Ravinia Heights began development in the late 1930s. A drive around the area reveals a variety of architectural styles ranging from eclectic Tudor and colonial revival to 1950s ranch style. One last parcel of land was developed in the 1970s, reflecting a contemporary mode.

While some of the newer houses are three-bedroom-sized, the area is noted for the distinctive collection of picturesque cottages. Most offer two-bedrooms with exteriors of brick, Austin stone or a combination of the two. Boasting unique gable treatments, distinctive windows, unusual roof dormers, wood trim and porches, each elevation is individual. Most have been well maintained or are being restored by a new generation of enthusiastic owners.

The area has a tranquil feel with wide, curving streets and tree-shaded yards offering attractive green spaces, belying the fact that the lots are urban-sized. This is one of those older Oak Cliff neighborhoods that has remained desirable over the years, while keeping a lower profile than its sister areas to the north.

On March 27, 2018 a group of Kessler Plaza and Ravinia Heights neighbors voted in favor of a joint Kessler Plaza-Ravinia Heights Neighborhood Association.



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